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The Perks of Being Accident Prone

Posted on the 07 December 2013 by Rarasaur @rarasaur

Impressive Medical Knowledge

I wouldn’t diagnose you, of course, because that’s how lawsuits happen– but I do like to drop my theory in a sealed envelope and ask you to open it after you see a professional.  I’m almost always right because I’ve seen it all.  In emergency situations where there’s no chance to getting to a doctor, I’m also quite capable treating most basic injuries.

Doc Rara went to the School of (Literal) Hard Knocks.

Doc Rara went to the School of (Literal) Hard Knocks.

Fun Stories

If it’s able to be fallen off of, I’ve fallen off.  If it bites, stings, or snaps– it’s gotten me.  If someone else thinks it’s harmless, it’s totally not and I can prove it.

You'll never catch me again, Bunny!

You’ll never catch me again, Bunny!

Body Knowledge

I’ve met very few other people who know their bodies as well as I know mine.  At one point or another, thanks to incident after incident, I’ve developed a finely-tuned sense of what a functioning Rara sounds, looks, smells, and feels like.  I know what every piece of my body looks like under a magnifier, behind an x-ray, and in all various forms of light.

If there’s a problem, I know.

When something's not right, I hear the buzz...

When something’s not right, I hear the buzz…

Constant Reminders of the Love in Your Life

Nothing brings out the loving kindness of the world like slipping in the shower, falling down a flight of stairs, or nearly drowning.  It’s perhaps not worth the bodily damage, since most of that love outpours by request– but it’s certainly a perk.

That's okay. It's not your fault.

Thanks. I love you, too.

Klutz Klub

You get to be in the official club for klutzy people.  It’s a quiet group, but there always seems to be a teammate around saying, “No worries, friend.  I slipped on that banana peel, too.”

The Perks of Being Accident Prone

“Pure Luck” is one of those movies people think are far-fetched until they meet someone like me.


On a more serious note, thank you all for the kind emails and comments.  The long story, which is really quite the short story, is that I fell in the shower.  We have a glass sliding door instead of a curtain, and I employed good fall techniques to keep from hitting my head.  Unfortunately, slamming my hand against the metal bar that the door slides on was unavoidable– and it began to swell only a few hours after I fell.  It’s just my left hand, but apparently that’s a pretty important hand, too.  I’ve been limiting computer time to the bare necessities in an attempt to make the healing go a bit faster.  I probably won’t be up to full speed for a few more days, but I thought I’d check in and let everyone know that I’m doing alright.

Thanks again for the good wishes and healing thoughts!  


Are you a klutz like me, or do you have my husband’s cat-like grace?

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