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The Personality Test: Try It out is Super Fun!- El Examen De La Personalidad: Inténtenlo Es Súper Divertido!

Posted on the 15 December 2011 by Juanas6s6nses @JuanitaNieto_
ENG. I have always loved to do personality tests! I think they are so much fun, and that somehow you get to know a bit more about yourself! I tried lots of them when I was growing up, but after a while you just grow out of them and you start being ok with figuring life as it goes on by yourself. But every once in a while it is fun to go back to those old times when you used to try some of these games to see what type of personality you truly have. And it is even more fun and the results are even more true when you do it spontaneously, like when I was with my very good friends Andrea and Mar in London.  Andrea, my most sunny and creative friend, made us try this personality test when we were in the middle of brunch, and since I will be going to visit them again tomorrow I thought it would be fun for all of you guys to try it too! Trust me, the results will truly surprise you!
  • Draw the first image that comes up into your mind on each box.
  • After each drawing describe it with an adjective.  (Just an adjective don’t make the same error as me and make up a story with each box, hahahah)
Here are my results, which totally surprised me but I truly loved! Each box has a meaning; when you are done drawing and describing it take a peek under my pictures to see what each box means!
Juanas bar
Personality test
Personality test 1

Personality test 2

Personality test 3

Answers: from left to right 1st row boxes- 1. describes how you see yourself, 2. describes how others see you, from left to right 2nd row boxes- 1. describes your childhood, 2. describes your love life, from left to right 3rd row boxes- 1. describes your job, 2. descrbies your future.

Respuestas: izquierda a derecha 1 línea- 1. describe como tu te ves, 2. describe como los otros te ven a ti, izquierda a derecha 2 línea- 1. describe tu niñez, 2. describe tu vida amorosa, izquierda a derecha 3 línea- 1. describe tu trabajo, 2. describe tu futuro.

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