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The Shoe Thief!

Posted on the 09 June 2013 by Susiemcbeth @susiemcbeth
Indigo has developed a real thing for shoes.
I know, I know, typical girl etc...but seriously, this little shoe obsession is reaching whole new levels. Not only does she love wearing her own shoes, or wandering around holding them whilst repeatedly saying "shoes," she has also developed a need to collect all the shoes in sight - including the ones firmly strapped on feet.
The other day poor River was sitting minding his own business when Indigo suddenly popped up behind him, pinned him down with the casual ease of a Mexican wrestler and pulled his jelly shoes off of his feet. She then gleefully, waving his shoes in the air, ran away.
She has also taken to pulling my sandals off and either hiding one or both of them or running around with them ...you guessed it... Whilst repeatedly saying "shoes!"
It is kind of adorable and it is very cute to see how entirely in love she is with her golden gladiator style sandals...but I am not too sure everyone agrees.
Though I don't really blame River, as he can never be sure when the shoe thief will strike again! 
The Shoe Thief!

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