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The Three Hardest Things to Say.

Posted on the 25 May 2012 by Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
The Three Hardest Things to Say. The Three Hardest Things to Say.It is believed that there are three things that are the hardest to say out loud. None of them are hard for me to say. If I love someone I say it, I show it. If I did wrong I say I'm sorry and try to make amends, I'm confessing my part of blame, in every conflict situation all parts are to be blamed, in different extents though.
When it comes to saying "Help Me" there is a different story compared to the two aforementioned sayings. you either are person who wants to help other, or you're not, you mustn't make a difference between people who are worthy of your help and not. There are a lot of people who need your help, I might be one of them. 
The Three Hardest Things to Say.Those who are in need of help, they scream for help and no one seems to hear or care, if someone bothered to ask them they would learn that they don't ask for a lot, I for instance, need little things 'cause the true happiness lies in little things, the little details draw the big picture, little things almost never go away, they are there to stay.
Most of time you wonder if you are worthy of someone's help, you doubt yourself, you start to count all the mistakes you've made, you feel that you are the only who is responsible for what you have become and the situation you are in. It is believed that asking for help is a sign of weakness, and I for one partially agree, but keep in mind that not all of us are strong enough to clean up their own mess, some of us may need some help, a shoulder to cry on, to be asked if we are OK and when we say that we are OK to be told "No, you're not" and be hugged really really tight and never being let go.
We've learned to ignore some of the bad things that tend to happen to us, but along with that we've learned to ignore important things too. Assuming that people are bad at asking for help we've stopped listening carefully. Some people need help for the wrong reasons, some of them need help for the right ones but you'll never make a difference between them unless you ask. Bother to ask and be the change that some of us need so desperately. Be someone's luck, someone's fortune, someone's chance at a happy/normal life where not every day is a struggle. Look around, not everything is as it seems, try and look behind the curtain, people wear masks, try and see through those masks, only then you'll come to be a better person, only then this world would change even if it is not that significant, but it will be meaningful to you and people around you. Be an example that so many people need.

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