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the Vortex and Sedona's Kachina Woman

Posted on the 17 June 2013 by Lily Hydrangea
the vortex and sedona's kachina woman

kachina woman is the pillar like rock formation to the left. legend tells us she is balancing the canoe on her head that her dad carved out of cottonwood to keep her safe from a flood that was prophesized to wipe out their village. kachina survived the flood and went on to bear a son who in this picture, is represented by the smaller rock formation that she is looking at to the right. sedona is home to a vortex energy that many people have experienced as they hike what is believed to be sacred ground. this trail in boynton canyon is said to be the only male/female energy vortex that exists in america. when I got up to the top and stood at the base of mama kachina with my husband and son, I  stood in awe admiring the beauty of the red rocks surrounding us - but nothing vortexy was happening. I should say I felt very happy and at peace in sedona which I more or less attributed to its awesome natural beauty and welcoming nature of its residents. (the people there are so friendly!) content to feel this sense of peace, ian and I hung out at the base of kachina woman looking out towards the incredible view, including anthony who was sitting at the base of her son. suddenly a huge gust of wind whipped up around us for several minutes as if to say, here you go - any other questions miss lily?! the wind was so strong it blew the hat off my head. bits of rock and red dirt and dust were flying everywhere! I grabbed onto a tree to insure I wouldn't be blown off the top of this mesa as well - then we all looked at each other and started laughing. "could this be the vortex?" I wondered aloud. after it was over we realized there was no wind before or after this event. I looked on youtube to find out how the sedona locals feel about their vortex and found this short video here. check it out, there's nothing like hearing it from the locals.

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