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The Whole Story - Photo by Craig J. Satterlee

Posted on the 12 August 2013 by Art Of Mob @artofmob
Craig Satterlee created the perfect memento of a fabulous moment in his daughter's life. Read The Whole Story to find out more.  Interested in submitting a smartphone photo of your own for a chance to be featured?  Get more information here.  

The Photograph

© Craig J. Satterlee
The Whole Story

The image is of my daughter in her wedding dress. She needed to send an image as a resource to someone who is making a cake decoration. I took the time afterward to use my iPhone and shoot some images for myself because I liked the red "Dorothy of OZ" like shoes and couldn't resist making something to mark the occasion. I used a lot of the techniques I learned from you and reading the iART CHRONiCLES tutorials etc. First Snapseed > I'm using the Mobile Monet just for the outline image you immediately get from the app. I save this outline version for later. Then I usually run it through any number of Painter type apps looking for the emotional feeling I want. I follow that by running it though DistressedFX, save it and bring it into the Image Blender app. Combine it with the outline image I saved earlier and tweak it (usually with the Multiply mode). I either go back to Snapseed or PhotoToaster to adjust exposure, sharpness and add a border. Depending on the image I'll use Repix for stars or dust.

The Photographer

The Whole Story - Photo by Craig J. Satterlee Craig J. Satterlee is an Associate Professor of Photography at Northwest College in Powell, WY. He has been a commercial/artist photographer for over 36 years. Craig has been published in the Sun Magazine, Northern Lights and has won the Wyoming Visual Artists Fellowship and has exhibited his work in over 400 shows all over the world.

Find Craig:  Website / EyeEm / iphoneart 

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