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The Withering Soul

Posted on the 22 April 2013 by Aritrasen
This was penned down by my friend SOUMYA DEEP DAS, an engineering student from TECHNO INDIA SALT LAKE, and he told me to share it with you guys!!..Do tell me if you like it:-
My soul petrified,
My spirit haunted,
As pain questions: "will i be free some day?"
Fogged by dilemma of confusion

The subconscious dies with the feeling of defeat,

THE WITHERING SOULAs muffled beats remind me of the grave.
Desperate,i fight,with hope emptying fast-
Inspiring souls failing to light my lamp.
Spirit growls and howls in vainAs it breathes and gets burnt still.
Questions keep running but legs of answers,stagnant.

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