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The Year Started Off With...

Posted on the 01 January 2013 by Chhavivatwani @chhavivatwani
Even though the year did not start off with a bang for me as I would have liked, I'd like to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013. A New Year is celebrated with your loved ones who will always stay by you in Sun or Rain and that is how you spread happiness and love. Reciprocating love is the only way to connect with God Himself.  And when you do that, the soul of the world celebrates with you. I hope you all had a nice cheer with your best people and in your happiness lays mine. I guess my new year resolution would be to love people even more, even though - this poem. :)
The year started off on a slight
      But surely sad note
Where once I could not find time for each,
      Now I stifled to share what lumped in my throat.
Where once I thought togetherness,
     Being a family, being there, every day
And celebrating together was what it's about,
     Now lay in pieces, each across a different bay.
All those people whom I gave
     My heart, my soul, my ear and shoulder,
tearNow had a different place to be
     And I sat as alone as a grumpy toddler.
The year started off with a riff
     A word or two I could not agree with.
A pinch in the heart that triggered
     A deep, warm drop to tear from my eye slit
The year started off with a wonder too-
cripple     If I should still hold on to them,
Or hope for better people to love me,
     Or be like others- a selfish phlegm?
The year started off with self realization
    My own importance to important people
How my thoughts stand alone
    Different from everyone's, I'm a cripple.
mysterious galaxy
Although, the year started off with hope
    Of finding the bonding again with my family
Dear ones who've loved me even before
    I was brought to this cold, beautiful galaxy.

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