Posted on the 26 August 2013 by Kinderhandbtips
Howdy folks.  Just a little note to let you all know that I am taking part in the hash-tagged #TheSoProject which was set up by Stephanie.
Every Tuesday at 6pm for 10 weeks 119 other bloggers and I will be posting about a different topic for that week.  Each week will be a different topic.  The following topics for each week are:
Week 1: Skincare
Week 2: Concealer
Week 3: Foundation
Week 4: Bronzer
Week 5: Blusher
Week 6: Mascara
Week 7: Eyeliner
Week 8: Eyeshadow
Week 9: Lipgloss/Lipstick
Week 10 Make up tools
I'm really excited about being part of this wonderful project, and think it's a brilliant idea!
Feel free to join the Twitter banter using #TheSoProject hash-tag, and follow me and tweet me your posts each week on Twitter as I would love to read them! 
See you for the weekly dose at 6pm for #TheSoProject !

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