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Thinking About the Past (Part V)

Posted on the 25 March 2016 by Samantha Wilson @SamWilsonWhite
          Hi, everyone! I'm a terrible blogger, I know:) I can't manage my time... Hopefully, I've some inspiration to write. The latter always cheers me up.
CTThinking about the Past (Part V)
Thinking about the Past (Part V)I’ve been dreaming a long dream.
It was about the city as usual.
We laughed as if we had been small children who had been playing with balloons.
I threw the hearts into the air and the city was catching them.
Harlequin Valentine would envy me (let Neil forgive me for using it here).
I was Missy, but the city was truly remarkable with its claws bathed in blood.
It was melting like snow on its claws, but there were signs left after the process.
They were runes which then transformed into music notes.
I clearly saw that there were B and F.
They reminded me of the day I saw the city.
It was in front of the public, it was posing.
Every glance was nailed to it, as if all of them had expected the city to do an extraordinary thing and expose itself.
It was them when I bought it. B stands for “bought”. Can you guess what F stands for?
Fantasy? Fake? Freak? Failure or one of 6, 784 words that start with “f” according to Wolfram Alfa’s answer?
It is “fate”.
It is fate that I met the city there at that moment on that day.
Back to my dream: I didn't mean to mock the city, but I did it unconsciously.
It got offended though.
It took my heart in its paws and squeezed with the whole strength in front of all people.
Now, they were laughing and I was crying.
I screamed with pain and horror, but the city didn't react.
It continued to crush my heart like the grapes for wine.
It continued to revenge until it fell asleep...

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