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to You, with Love by Shravya Bhinder

Posted on the 17 August 2020 by Amitagulia
to you, with love by Shravya BhinderThe Blurb: Right from their childhood, Sahil and Arya have been very different from each other. While Sahil is careless, carefree, 'new money' and 'the brat', Arya is too sensitive, reserved, shy and not easy to talk to. And that is probably what attracts Sahil to her. Slowly and very delicately their story progresses, and in comes love and things begin to take on a golden hue.

However, soon their life begins to unravel. Sahil learns why Arya is so private when the most damning truth about her life is revealed. And as soon as they cross that bridge and move on, another cruel blow threatens to tear them apart.

It's now about a life beyond life, and about a love somewhere among the stars . . .

How Did I Like The Book:

A love story after so long! I am a sucker for romance books and ‘to you, with love by Shravya Bhinder’ gave a much-needed refresher I need to get back to reading.

It is a cliché love story which we all pretend to detest yet enjoy it to our heart. These are the stories we relate to the most.

What I liked:

1.   Easy read - It was an easy to finish book. The author chose not so fancy language and writing style.

2.   Notes - Yes, yet again the use of little love notes made me fall for the book.

3.   Ending - second half of the last chapter was the one I liked the most. 

What I did not like:

1.   Predictable - the story line and incidents were too predictable. I did not mind them, but some unexpected turn of events would have added the icing on the cake.

2.   Use of phrases like, I would not want to share the personal details, I would come to it latter etc. They could just have been avoided.

3.   Spelling mistake - Page 120 - “I lifted the back rimmed glasses off her face...”

There were not many lines I felt like noting down. Here is one.

to you, with love by Shravya Bhinder

It’s a book for someone who wants a small break and can be enjoyed over a cup of coffee.

Would I recommend it to a friend? Hmm... maybe not. 

But that does not mean that I did not like it. I did enjoy reading it. It made me smile and cry once or twice. It’s an average love story and is worth a try.

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