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Posted on the 20 February 2019 by Heartbaredtoyou121 @naughtytushki

I miss you

When the lines in that shopping arcades are full

And you aren’t there

Telling me to stuff on those crazy candies

Because you like them

I miss you

When I pass by that neighborhood puchkawala

And you aren’t there

To drag me

To get bucket loads of puchkas, tikkis and dahi puri

Everyday, like clockwork

I miss you

When I look at the lights

Shining in the distant places

And they remind me

How you love those lights

And the stars,

And their twinkling eyes

That you hold

In a stare match

I miss your crazy laugh

One that doesn’t fade away

When the conversations

Don’t seem to die down

And you get bored

And I crack a lame joke

And only you laugh

I miss that laugh

I miss those warm hugs

That cover me

Like the inwards

Of a warm cozy blanket

On a chilly winter night

To comfort me to sleep

And you

By my side

Holding me close

To your bosom

My heavy breathes

Falling on to them

And your breathe

Going heavy

And me and you

Both falling asleep

In each other’s arms

Like it was yesterday

I miss it now

I missed it then

And I miss it,

Each day,




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