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TOGETHER AT HOME: How to Cope with Life on Lockdown …. P.S. Has Anyone Told the Amish?

Posted on the 01 April 2020 by Lynne @lynneknowlton

Hellooooo, it's Tristan writing today xo and yes, that's my Dad at his computer. Keeping it real around here, haha. That photo cracks me up. Yes, he is fast asleep.

The last two weeks have been surreal, haven't they? Who would have ever dreamt that something like this would happen in our lifetime? We may need to be physically apart from one another right now, yet we are all in this together. We are collectively going through something hard, together, on a global level. In a beautiful way, we are discovering that we are closer together than we've ever been.
Times like this remind us that we are all connected and that we can have a positive effect on each other. We have an opportunity to take care of each other and do our part. Because staying home is the most loving thing we can do at this time. We may be social distancing but we are remote connecting.
We believe you are dreamers and doers and now is the time to stick together, virtually....like we have always done.

This time is about slowing down and enjoying life around home.

We're going to show you how. xo

TOGETHER AT HOME: How to cope with life on lockdown ….      P.S. Has anyone told the Amish?

I normally have a tendency to react quickly, to race from project to project. I've been loving the shift to just slowing down and giving myself the permission to accept that the little accomplishments ...every day... are enough.

I have been trying lots of little things throughout the day to calm my mind. So many of us are feeling anxious right now. Let's lean into each other as a community, and get through these moments... together. Here are a collection of ideas to get us all started...


Read a novel.

I have started reading again. Instead of reaching for my phone in the morning when I wake up, I'm grabbing a book. It feels really grounding to escape into someone else's story or reality, even if for a short time. I just ordered ' Where the Crawdads Sing' by Delia Owens. I have heard from sooooo many people that this was one of the best books they've ever read. It's one of those books that you wish you could experience over and over again for the first time. Next on my list is Educated. It's an audio-biography that I have heard you just can't put down.

When this is over please invite me everywhere. I promise I'll go this time


We have been making our bread recipe almost every day. It's so easy to make and it's a beautiful staple at a time like this. We have started experimenting by adding cheese and other flavours like rosemary. We've been sharing the bread recipe here on Instagram and has lead to so many of you making bread too. It's a beautiful thing! Tag us and we will re-share your bread awesomeness in our Instagram stories. Sharing the love!


At home workouts.

Experimenting with different home workouts has been so enjoyable!! I'm appreciating technology and fitness instructors out there more than ever, right now!
Some of my favourites are :

  • Alessiasculpt on Instagram: daily live low impact 30 mins workouts. I look forward to these every day! They get me out of bed and feeling ready to take on the day!
  • Melissa Wood Health subscription: I have newly subscribed to her program and have been doing these at night after a day of sitting. I love the combination of pilates, yoga and mindfulness. Fully cried at the end of one the other night. I light candles and turn on some soft music.
  • Rebecca Louise on youtube: I've been doing her mini workouts for years. They are great when you only have 10 mins and want to move a little! Pretty fun to do the monthly challenges with her too. Try the booty one haha.
People who are quarantining in jeans: What are you trying to prove?

Go foraging.

This fab idea came from a friend on Instagram. She went 'foraging' out in front of her house, and (despite the fact that in Canada right now everything is totally slushy and yucky) she came back with beautiful dried weeds. They were the PRETTIEST ever!!! I admit, I already had a dried grass obsession... but this activity took it to a whole new level. It was so therapeutic to go look for a diamond in the rough and spot that one thing (that we would normally pass off as yuck) and to see it as beautiful.

T I P : In these moments, group in a vase by one type rather than trying to make an assorted arrangement.

TOGETHER AT HOME: How to cope with life on lockdown ….      P.S. Has anyone told the Amish?


Get inspired.

Create a Pinterest board with everything that is inspiring you right now. This could be anything from a cozy sweater, a travel shot, an interesting texture or view point. Really, anything that is lighting you up and causing you to feel good.


Refresh. Declutter. Start over.

Refresh one space in your house. Is there a nook that you've always wanted to spend more time in? Is the patio ready to be opened up for the summer, even to just stick a chair out there with a blanket? Where is a place in your home that could bring you joy and could be a destination, but currently isn't? We have a blog post to help you out : It doesn't need to be stressful decluttering your life & home. I mean, it probably will be, but we're here to help.


Fa La La La La

La-la-la-la. Music and sunshine are such mood boosters for me. Do they help you too? I find that just sitting and appreciating some warm sun on my face or putting on an amazing playlist can turn everything around for me. I have been making some spotify playlists and grouping them based on a mood or activity like ' songs that make me happy' or ' dinner time '. They are fun and easy to make. You may just want to try this! The songs are there to pick you up when you need them.

What should I wear to the living room today?
    TOGETHER AT HOME: How to cope with life on lockdown ….      P.S. Has anyone told the Amish?

I've got too many candles. Said no one ever. Light candles, palo santo, or a diffuser. This one is our favourite and sooo affordable. It is very calming to have them going in the background. In the morning I put on a bright fresh scent like good karma or yoga and in the evening I wind down with ylang ylang or lavender. A light (non overwhelming ) scent can lift your mood and make you feel good in your space. We have been buying this incense for about 10 years. We love it THAT MUCH. It makes your home feel like a spa. So good. So so so good.


We are making an extra effort to check in with friends and family as much as possible right now and and support each other however we can. One thing we have been having a lot of fun with that is helping us forget how far apart we are physically right now is to play a game. We found this digital drawing game that you can play (on your phone) with your friends while you talk on zoom. Low quality program but high quality fun. Around the house one thing we have been doing to keep things lighter and stay connected is playing good old fashion board games, we get lost playing this one and this one for hours!

That is all to say, for the next little while, we'll be sharing some funny stories, valid resources, and just trying to lighten your crazy load as we all weather this together. Because if there's one thing we know for sure it's this: we can overcome anything with a little help and kindness from each other.

TOGETHER AT HOME: How to cope with life on lockdown ….      P.S. Has anyone told the Amish?

How are you spending your time? What are you doing to cope with life during lockdown?

TOGETHER AT HOME: How to cope with life on lockdown ….      P.S. Has anyone told the Amish?

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