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Together Forever To Never by Satish Goyal

Posted on the 30 January 2019 by Amitagulia
Together Forever To Never by Satish GoyalThe Blurb:
No one can love like you… if I lose you, I will be left with nothing’ So says Sariyanka, a girl from a small town, madly in love with Samar. Having lost true love once before, Samar too believes that Sariyanka is his other half whom Zeus, the Greek God had separated from him.. In a chance conversation with his friend Mayank, Samar discovers some shocking truths. As the story unravels, a series of events follow that forever change the meaning of love for Samar. Is Sariyanka the one Samar calls his ‘other half’? Will Samar get the love that he always longed for? This highly anticipated novel by Satish Goyal is an emotional roller coaster that bravely explores the highs and lows of love. It’s a story of love – unshaken and unquestioned; yet unfulfilled and unrequited. A saga of deceit served on a platter of lies. About the author: Satish Goyal is a finance professional and works at a US multinational company. Since his days at the university, he had dreamed of writing on subjects close to his heart, but had put those dreams on hold to focus on his family and career. He finally plucked up the courage to put pen to paper with his first novel ‘Together Forever To Never”. Satish believes that success cannot be measured in terms of wealth or titles. The true measure of success is happiness that one is able to achieve in life. Satish is now writing his second book, “The Coaster Series”.
The Book
Title of the book actually gives enough hint on what’s in store and goes well with the cover page. I also liked the blurb which generates right amount of curiosity. The author managed to pump up the desire of reader to continue reader till it finds the reason of incident mentioned right in the beginning of the book.
The language is very simple and reader can make good progress in a short span of time without skimming through pages.
About the book, usage of good vocabulary is quite prominent from the very beginning. At the same time, it is simple enough to not let the reader refer a dictionary every now and then.
Another thing I liked was - There were a letters here and there! Any one who reads me does not need an introduction to my fascination about them.
Samar, lead character is portrayed as an ideal partner a girl would look for - faithful, hardcore romantic, responsible, innocent, successful, supporting... I am falling short of adjectives.
The story moves really fast but then suddenly goes on slow motion in second part.
There is a section in the book where preaching of life are mentioned. Again, it’s my personal choice that I am not into self help reads and tend to skim through these sections.
There were few sequences which I felt were repeated and felt already read in same book with different language.
Romance is my favorite genre but at the same time, book failed to make me fall in love. Overall, it is a decent one time read very much relevant to present times. The era and behavioral pattern we see nowadays has been existing in society ever since but then it’s now that we have become open and started talking about.
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