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Varied Perspectives!

Posted on the 23 June 2019 by Harithapk @Hpk_thotzzz

Varied Perspectives!
For him, was light diminishing,
For her, it was the Stars shining!
For him, it was darkness beginning,
And for her, it was the moonlight spreading!!
For him, it was the time to return to his nest,
For her, it was the hour to get out, dressed her best!
For him, it was a day ending,
And for her, it was hope of a new beginning!!
Because, it's only after a sunset can there before a sunrise,
Because it takes the hardest fall for one to bounce up and rise!!
P.S- It's been a long time peeps! Hoping all of you are still around. Please keep your feedback coming! I would love to read them.

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