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Video - How to Create an Insta-Writing Prompt for a Never Ending Flow of Writing Ideas

Posted on the 23 April 2015 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot

I have been writing prompts for a variety of creative uses for fifteen years now, ever since I started facilitating my first writing programs back in 2000. Today in this video, inspired by the Thoughts on Thursday Link Up at JVKom Chronicles, I do a quicky - share of how to create a never ending stream of writing prompts using whatever reading material you have on hand.

Watch here as I create more of these prompt/how-to vlogs for you so that you may both be inspired to write and inspired to start creating your own personalized writing prompts as well.

 I forgot to say THOUGHTS ON THURSDAY on the video but considering my record breaking four minutes of sleep last night, I think I did pretty darned well, don't you? I hope you will link up if you have a vlog post to share OR come back next week at JVKom.com and link then.

Please share any writing you create and/or any ways you might use this prompt creation to make your blog and social media life more engaging.

I'm grateful you are here -



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