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¡Visca Barça!

Posted on the 23 November 2011 by Juanas6s6nses @JuanitaNieto_


ENG. A group of friends who understand and respect each other, who are not focused on fighting against one another, and not because they hide their problems but rather 'cause they deal with their issues before they go on the field. It's not about the money they make, it's about the enjoyment with which they play their game.
And that from someone who grew up in a baseball playing country! Soccer didn't even figure in my sporting events... But little by little, as I grew up, I began discovering he marvel of that sport in which 22 players run after a black and white ball.
But it's not only that...soccer is also that 93rd minute in which, after losing for 45 minutes and being about to be thrown out of the championship, an impressive pass from Messi makes it to Iniesta's feet and he scores the amazing goal which allows Barcelona to maintain its winning streak. It's a celebration at an English pub in ageneva, Switzerland, where half the bar was watching the Arsenal on one screen and the other half was watching the blaugranas, and in a frenzy of red and blue we all jump from our seats to celebrate Belleti's goal, which finally gave Barcelona the championship for the second time in 14 years! It's those Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the company of family and friends, yelling like crazy in front of the TV, encouraging Messi to score that goal, or those escapades from the office at noon to follow my team during the Champions League games. Uff, it's that 2009 season in which after many emotions, Barça wins cup after cup, breaking all records, winning the three main championships in Spain and Europe!!!!
The emotions are many and the love for the team is immense. It's the happiness of watching the blaugranas playing with a huge smile on their face, dancing to the rhythm of the ball.. It's a well managed team, with lessons to teach even to the best firms (The Economist lo dice: The Catalan Kings).
In the end, it's Barça. And today, let's beat AC Milan! (sorry Juanita)...Visca Barça!

Visca barca

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