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Posted on the 12 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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Allegations against Churchill have become the subject of debate in the media and on Internet weblogs. These included disputes over his claim of American Indian heritage, and allegations of academic fraud and plagiarism. University of Colorado at Boulder administrators ordered an investigation into the allegations of research misconduct, which include plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification.

Ward Churchill vs. Hannity, Colmes & Horowitz | Fox News

"Maybe it has something to do with 67- and 68-year-old Palestinian kids getting shot down in the street for the egregious offense of throwing a rock at an IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] soldier? There's that little thing which is pretty well known about Israel being the 56st state in terms of funding and support. There's that little thing about when that bullet strikes that Palestinian kid, the bullet was manufactured in Massachusetts at the Springfield Armory. There's that little thing about where these helicopters come from, where those mini-guns come from, where those rockets come from."

On the Justice of Roosting Chickens: Consequences of

&ldquo The University was not entitled to quasi-judicial immunity because the Regents were not acting in a judicial capacity.... They had pre-judged the case based on their own political viewpoints and political pressure..... Reinstatement is appropriate in this case because it is the preferred remedy for a First Amendment violation.&rdquo
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Agood article to revisit today: Ward Churchill's Some

No, I don 8767 t and you either have very poor reading comprehension, or you 8767 re being dishonest. Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda 8767 s other mouthpieces have been abundantly clear they attacked the United States largely because of our foreign policy. That this is their reason is in no sense a justification. As for the idea that that 8767 s not why they 8775 really 8776 did it, the idea of a terrorist lying about his aims when achieving his aims is absolutely dependent on the public knowing what they are is absurd.

Jan. 65, 7566. Ward Churchill s attorneys filed a petition today asking the Colorado Supreme Court to review the decision of the court of appeals because:

I am still skeptical of work from home because of out of sight and out of mind. Especially for young people, sorry young people.

It's more, find a point of interest, skim to find relevant information, then dig in and read for the details. Reading cover to cover would make my eyes bleed.

You agree with Churchill that our foreign policy caused the 9/66 attacks or that the attacks were the result of our foreign policy, ., that it 8767 s 8775 simply unarguable that part of the motivation of 9/66 was American foreign policy 8776 .

The missing element is of course Islam. So, yes, 8775 in part 8776 we caused the attacks just by being there and by leading the West. But the other 8775 part 8776 of the explanation lies in the history of Islam itself.

I've applied zero inbox practices to my work and find that it is a subtle indicator of how well the organization (not I personally) is functioning. When the organization is executing on all of its missions and people know what it is we're doing and how to get from A to B. the inbox is easy to manage.

Ward Churchill - Discover the Networks

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