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We're All Just Broken Hearts

Posted on the 17 July 2014 by Chhavivatwani @chhavivatwani
Suffocated by that overjoyed
Crowd , I break out
Through that godsent door
Onto the airy patio and wide sky
I let my legs stumble on it ,
My heart shatter on the ground ,
Look up and let myself look like a fool
Soon , I would have to go back in
There - I remembered was a bench
On it sat someone right now
Head tilted upwards , up to the moon
I took the few steps towards and sat
Silence louder than the music inside - engulfed me -
Filled with words that splashed on me , strum -
A guitar that strung in full force , thud -
An amplifier hit right in my eardrum
Like angry voices at the court
Like soothing tones of prayer
Like the laughter of a wicked old woman
Like the wail of a child unfair
The soul pitied itself
The heart silently wept
Loneliness is not overrated
As phantom hands hugged me right there
Statues jinxed by moonlight
His caricature moved , slowly but suddenly
He broke half of his cookie
And offered one half to me

We're All Just Broken Hearts


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