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What Difference Would It Make?

Posted on the 20 August 2012 by Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
What Difference Would It Make? When describing my dream and how would it affect me I left out an important part, about what impact would it have on other people but me, it wasn't deliberate, I just felt it's been explained so many times before in some other articles of mine that doing it again would waste your time given that the request itself does take a few minutes to go through.
To prove you that it would help others as much as much as it would help me we need to take short trip down the memory lane.
When I was little my parents bought a stationary phone, made in Russia and it was a kind that it had lots of settings and of course it came with instructions manual. Before I knew it my policy was to learn those instructions and use its possibilities for our own good. At that time that phone was very popular among the neighbors and everyone wanted to have it but since it was something new with so many instruction that would make your head spin no one would bother to learn them and they would come to me or invite me over their house and set their phone to the most optimal settings. It's had been going on for a while back then and I didn't mind 'cause I felt useful, total strangers made me feel useful and they said "thank you" or "please", words I never heard in my family.
Another eloquent example would be a lot near the present days, I got my first computer back in 2005 after years of begging my parents to buy one, I knew how to use one before even having one, I wasn't a prodigy, never was and never will be but if I truly like something I'll learn it in a way that it would allow me to teach others too. While in school kids around the neighborhood would come to me and ask me to help them do write their papers and make their papers look pretty so teachers would give them straight As and that worked like a charm every time.
It began a long time ago but it's going on even nowadays, people buy laptops and desktop computers but are totally clueless on how to use them, don't know how to set an internet connection, how to install software that it would make it easier for them and those are the times when I come to their rescue. I usually do more than I am asked for 'cause I know they need it. And not once I took money for my "services" and I used quotation marks 'cause I never considered doing good for people "services". 
I sued to believe that what goes around will eventually come around despite hearing from my parents that no good deed goes unpunished, and doing good won't get you very far, it will make you poorer and made on people and you should be selfish if you wanna have things. My parents were to busy fighting with each other, educating their children was a lot less important than straightening things out between them, like is calling the shots, who is the bank in the family and who is allowed to be a drunk. I had to learn many things despite what I was told, I always believed that I raised myself, I gave myself the education that I deserved, the difference between good and wrong.
What I am trying to say through all this is that matter what I get I always share it, once it made me happy why wouldn't make other happy too? For the first time in my life I think I'm worthy of your help, I just know it and I hope you'll know it too. I am always treating a subject with a special kind of philosophy and getting the things across would ruin the actual meaning of those things, we need to know where it begins, where it goes, and where it ends. I know one thing for sure, doing good for others, in my case, it will never eve end, it makes me happy, I am an empathetic person, if I wanna be happy I need others to be happy too, I'm selfish this way. I'm not sure if I have convinced you of anything but at least I gave a shot, can't blame me for trying. 
If you shall have any other questions, suggestions or proposals please don't hesitate to write them to me and I'll do my best giving you some answers.

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