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What I Believe

Posted on the 28 January 2013 by Chasingjoy @chasing_joy
What I believe On Friday I listed a post from my bloggy friend @ChrystinaNoel as one of my favorite posts from the previous weeks #FlashbackFriday.  Her post was one of the most fun and interesting ones I had read in a long while.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided to do my very own post like her's.  So here goes.
What do I believe?  It is such an simple question.  One that at first seems easy to answer but really can leave you a bit stumped.
What do I believe?  The first thoughts that come to mind are religious.  Religion and belief go hand and hand so it's no surprise that my mind would go there.  I believe in God Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I'm down with the Trinity.  I believe most people practice or identified with a certain religion because it is what we were first exposed to by our families.  That is why I believe we should not judge others and trust that God knows their hearts.  After all what if I'd have been born into a Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu family.  I believe in prayer and have been comforted by it.
I believe I invented stuff crust pizza.  Long before Pizza Hut and Domino's advertised it I was stuffing my pizza crust with my toppings.  I'd get my favorite, pepperoni, and take off all of the pepperoni right away. I'd eat my slice sans pepperoni up to the crust.  I'd split the pizza crust in half, top from bottom.  Then in went  the pepperoni sandwich style.  Yum Yum!  I've been eating my pizza that way since about 1986.  I'm sure I had it that way in a pizza hut or Domino's before they came out with stuff crust.  If only they'd give me my due credit.
I believe everyone has a talent.  It took me a while to figure out mine. I have a talent for encouraging people and helping them see different ways to see obstacles or challenges that are in their way.   Once I realized this was my talent it all made sense   Now I know why so many strangers and people I don't know well will start talking to me and telling me their personal business.
I believe in Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, and Halloween festivities.  These holidays and activity give kids a reason to be excited and imaginative.  They encourage creativity and in no way take away from the "true meaning of Christmas and Easter and are in no way Satanic.  I grew up with these holiday activities and there were no negative effects.  I mean Santa gives kids toys as his way of celebrating Jesus's Birthday. The Easter Bunny gives candy as part of his celebration of Jesus's Resurrection. And playing dress-up and getting free candy has in no way turned me away from my good Christian values.  These things are just fun and innocent ways for kids to create tons and tons of memories of Happy Joyful times.
I believe in wearing my seat belt, paying my taxes, not having much to drink if driving, paying my parking tickets, and basically being a good citizen and person.
I believe in saving money for a rainy day.  The rain is coming there will unfortunately inevitable be a an emergency.  Having some money saved can make a difference in having  or not having credit card debt.
I believe in laughing, A LOT.  Not many things make you feel better than a good laugh.  It even burns a few calories.  :-)
I believe in learning new things.  I have no desire to go back to school but that is not because I don't enjoy learning.  I would not mind lectures on interesting topics.  I have no desire for the homework and test.  So no school for me.  I feed my desire for learning largely through National Public Radio (NPR) and other talk radio shows, along with Wikipedia, and shows on the Science Channel, Discovery, and History Channel.
I believe my pet's enjoy playing dress up because they know it makes me happy.
Leave a comment telling me what do you believe then head over to @ChrystinaNoel 's Post and see what she believes.

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