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"What's Your Mix?" by BAYO

Posted on the 09 June 2012 by Epitome_of_beauty @mph_la_gioconda

But then ruckus made by mostly netizens deemed that its racist and offensive. Said it implicates that Filipinos of mixed descent are superior to others.

They may have worded it poorly seemed like they are not that open minded to see the true aim of Bayo’s “What’s Your Mix?” campaign is to promote Filipino heritage as well as a person’s uniqueness.

I didn’t find any offensive statements in this ad campaign.

Thought it was brilliant and I also believed that Filipinos have mixes, for we’ve been colonized by so many times, and as far as I know we are of Malay, Spanish, and whatsoever descent. 

Here are some of the ads;

I also thought the memes of this ads are funny, that I even made one for my daughter. LOL

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