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Posted on the 01 October 2012 by Skip1957 @skip1957
  Well, here we all are at the start of a new week. Yup, Monday it is............ sigh.... I've been up since 5am, and about all I've accomplished to this point, was to drink 3 cups of coffee, and do a little colon cleansing...if you know what I mean...dayum coffee it's like a laxative for me at times. Anyway, I wanted to pose a question today...why not get to the nitty gritty of it all?
   WHY... do You blog? When I first started to blog, my main purpose was to break into Internet Marketing. I chose a site to put up my first blog, trying to peddle some junk to an unsuspecting public (Ha! Ha!) and lo and behold, I was told I was spamming, and that the blog would not be published. They did not accept anything promoting a product or service.  Well, I was completely stunned. I had even read an e-book about writing my blog? Had they lied to me?
   Anyway, my blog post was removed, and so I started looking over the site I had signed up for. I was actually intrigued by what I saw and read. There were some really great blogs there. Everthing from short stories, and poetry, to my favorite, humor! After browsing for awhile, I decided to try and post a blog, which was actually about how much FaceBook had pissed me off. I had made a few slide shows, and posted them on FaceBook, and one by one they had removed them, because I had added music to them, which I didn't own, so they were apparently worried I was copy right infringing. I have since found a way around that, without stepping on anyones toes! You can find it Here, if you'd like to see it.
  Someone actually read my post, and even sent me a friend request. Then more people read, and more friend requests. I was actually amazed anyone would read anything I wrote, and asking to be my friend was a bonus! From then on I've been hooked. My blogging now, is a way to express myself, relive stress, and to meet other great people. 
  Sadly, although I'm still a member of the above mentioned site, they have since under gone many updates, and changes. The familiar faces of my friends on that site remain, although many have seemed to have fallen off the edge of cyberspace. I miss them dearly!
  When I first started blogging, I would often get criticism from family members. Why are you wasting your time? You aren't going to gain anything from this foolishness! No, I suppose you're right,would be my answer.... I would be much better off, down on the farm in Farmville..right!Of course if looks could kill, I'd be pushing up daisies in the stone orchard now. Thankfully, now they have accepted my blogging, although they still get a little pissed off that I often post family pictures on my blogs. I reminded them, that anyone with a FaceBook account, and that has posted pictures publicly, is already famous on the internet, whether they want to be or not! 
  So I will keep on blogging, and hopefully people will keep on reading! To my fellow bloggers, Keep on blogging!    Oh, and why do YOU blog?

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