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Why Mondays Are Fabulous

Posted on the 08 May 2017 by Altea Addison @AlteaAddison

The Monday Blues don’t actually exist! I’m serious. It’s just your mind playing tricks on you. A study, from the Institute of Work Psychology at Sheffield University, proves that Monday morning blues is, in fact, a myth. You still don’t believe me, do you? Well, here are four reasons to embrace Mondays:

1. It’s all about a fresh new start! Mondays are a great day to say goodbye to yesterday, wipe your slate clean, and GO for your goals!

2. It’s the perfect day to launch your new… hairstyle, outfit, whatever-it-is! Monday = New You.

3. Monday, according to clever people who figure things out, is apparently the best day to kick off a fit lifestyle. Research shows that those who start a new diet/eating plan and exercise regime have a higher success rate when they begin on a Monday.

4. Monday provides balance. The weekend offers fun and freedom, but when Monday comes around, you know it’s time to get yourself organized and focused.

See? Mondays are fabulous. I don’t like saying I told you so… but, I told you so!

Have a great Monday.

That’s all from me for now.
– Altea

Why Mondays Are Fabulous

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