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Why We Indians Think Different

Posted on the 03 August 2015 by Chhavivatwani @chhavivatwani
I'm from a different land
People live and die in poverty
Educated people earn less than
The average salary of uneducated in your country
Being uneducated is a curse in mine
Meat is expensive and farmers are paid less
With 330 million Gods to worship
We don't have time or energy for wars and duress
We fight amongst our own selves
Since our religion and our traditions are so rich
It beguiles our minds to a world limited within the nearest borders
It is a 330 million worlds within!
Enslaved and eluded, we create what we're best at
- more slavery and illusion
Health is not an issue
Unless it is malnutrition
We have eunuchs as our wedding crashers
Money snatchers teaming with curses
Money doesn't raise our standard of living
We spend every penny on education and weddings
We don't believe in loans
We do with what we have, we consort
We drive economic cars
And make use of our cheap and excellent public transport
We work and we study
Come rain, or humid summer, or dry winter, or storm, on we tred
Even as thousands die of the tropical heat stroke
Not just Gods and food, but jobs and stationery are sacred
If we accidentally touch them with our feet or shoes
We pray for forgiveness and make them holy again
We keep a watch at the price of onions
And the perpetual shortage of water and electricity in vain
How then
Could we ever have
The same thinking
With the world outside?

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