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Why You Should Live?

Posted on the 09 February 2016 by Aritrasen
Loitering in the darkness of the abyss formed,Lies the heart shrieking for love,
Wrapping it like a bacon strip,
Is fear- a friend so firm.
Happiness - Is that you seek?
That abstract feeling of ease?
The cornucopia of emotions soothing you,
Singing the lullaby of the breeze.
Tangled in confusion the mind squirms in pain,
To take the road standing at the fork,
As Robert Frost had said.
That guy in the corner reading a book,
Or the girl with a sullen face,
Has always a story that is worth an ear,
Of experiences and scars in frame
Crossing rivers of thought,
Concocting in vain the mind schemes,
Stitching thoughts brews doubt,-
As pangs gallop, friends drop out.
Learning to emote, I have experienced hurt,-
That was terrible at first, lonely in the dark.
Darkness has a colour, though seldom unfurled,
Look closely and light dawns untouched.
Without black there won't be white,
Embrace both, live without fright.
Chirp away your story, get through love,
Move mountains, break through lust.
You are your own person, so live my friend,-
Define your barriers as limit is just another name.
Get hit, fall down, break a bone, a heart too-
Fall face flat, dance in the rain, make mistakes without regret.
One life, yes one life is all you have,
Make the most of it,
Cause one day the iceberg will drown our ship.

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