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Winters Past..........

Posted on the 20 January 2013 by Skip1957 @skip1957

 I have had, the worst case of writers block ever, and any idea I did come up with, seemed to exit my head much faster than when it came in. Now, don't get me wrong, I love to read blogs, almost as much as I like to write them, but this week has been a pain in the ass!Today I was browsing some old songs on YouTube, and came across one, that was actually an inspiration to me today. It reminded me of winters past, when I was young and even a little more atheletic, and energetic than I am at present! Winters back then were all about snowball fights, snow forts, and of course, the most important, to any young Canadian boy, Pond Hockey! Now pond hockey, was a way of life in our cold winters. As soon as a layer of ice formed on the old Ice House pond, we were there making sure it was safe enough for a good game. (The Ice House, was actually a place they use to store ice, in the days before indoor refrigeration, sadly it burned down, although the remnants of the old building remained on the shoreline)Of course, the Ice House pond, wasn't our only rink, we often used the Back Harbor as a rink, although it often took more time for the ice to form, and be just right. Also, the men "smelting", didn't appreciate us skating all around them! (Smelting is ice fishing, if your unfamiliar with the term) Smelts are smaller versions of Herring, they are in the same fish family. Once it was determined that the ice was safe, we'd all break out our pond hockey gear. Pond hockey gear consisted of a helmet (our mothers already though we were a little retarded, no sense adding more injury to an already mental handicap), a hockey stick, gloves, and of course skates.No winter coats, anyone knew you couldn't play hockey with a winter coat on! There were few rules, although one, which often got lost in the excitement of a "break away" was no pucks higher than knee level. Many a bruise and scraps were gotten during our pond hockey days, which we all bragged about after the game!Often we'd bring a few cookies, a pop, and maybe an apple or an orange, for between periods! Of course, sitting there on the sidelines in a paper bag, they were usually frozen, and you'd need a hammer and a chisel to even think about breaking them!We didn't mind, though, we'd wait till we got home, and one of the parents, would always serve up some fresh cookies, and hot chocolate! Dayum, I sure miss those days................ Ah well..........  Anyway, hope you like the song!

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