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Witnessed Another Break-up !!! (Narrating MY WAY)

Posted on the 20 March 2012 by Unforgettable

They met, talked incidentally and fell in love (Please, no guesses about whether the love was true or not yet ;)). And then they started dating. They were truly, madly, deeply in love with each other. They  witnessed many things together. Promises, plannings, values, dreams and all other feelings that a couple shares were being shared by them.  Heyyy… did I mention late night texting, love-sharing, kuchuu vuchuu, shona, babu, baby things etc etc that were also the part of the game. Yea, I just did that. J That’s how they considered their relationship like – Sweet and Pure. They talked everyday, met almost on regular intervals and movies were a common among them. And yeaaaa…..!!! People also were jealous of them (pointing towards SINGLES, Oh no – not me :P) [That was just written to bring your kind attention to the relationship status of the writer, perfectly single :D]

The Twist: And one day, what was to happen happened.   THE BREAKUP !!!!!!!!! For all of you, who are thinking that I have jumped to this twist very soon, are hereby informed that it actually happened so soon. I mean the BREAKUP.
I don’t know what possibly could have been the reason behind the same but surely I expected it in advance as two kids (immature would be the better word to describe them) were involved in this so-called love game. They might have thought that the universal rule for a boy and girl who are straight with their sexual orientation is to be with someone of opposite sex. And, they went by it with no other knowledge except the one mentioned above ;)
Or they might also have thought that being in a relationship is in vogue these days and if they don’t get indulged into one, the government may soon tag all the singles as ‘GAYS’ or the people already in a relationship might start calling them ‘LOSERS’.  So, they might have done that to avoid the above mentioned tags. (Rab jaane) [english] God Knows. Or might be some other reason(here comes an end to my assumptions) due to which they unintentionally said those three words considered to be magical in the language of love million times without even meaning it once. I aim to write these words of mine for all those love birds that fly with their companions but don’t know, to where will they reach towards. People who just get into relationships for the sake of getting into a relationship without even realizing what pain it could bring in their lives. They just hook up and break-up and repent till they live. It leaves a mark in their lives that once they were with someone else and some even develop a complex in themselves that they are not as good as the one their ‘ex’ is dating to. (And yea… a special mention for the friends of these ‘fake lovers’ who suffer because of them as they are the ones who have to listen to all the shit they talk about at that too at odd times regarding things which have no endings, they leave all other works to collect the consolations to be given to their friends) [I, myself have been the victim of the same to many of my friends who broke up, so it, was pretty necessary for me to mention the same]
So, it is requested to please ensure about the compatibility and future scope of your relationship respected Sir/Mam and to keep in mind the words written above in order to avoid a black spot on your deeds stating you as a heartbreaker, so that we could reduce the counter of unnecessary breakups that were just meant to be broken and were hooked to get broken. Be Prudent and wise enough.
Free Tip: Don’t say YES if you don’t feel compatible enough even if you are a guy. Don’t get excited seeing a gal that you have found your special one. Ensure about the same. (Avoid oyeeee mil gayi oyee mil gayi :P)
IMPORTANT : All your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Also seeking your active cooperation and participation in enhancing my knowledge and providing some in the process. Thank you my reader friend for reading uptil here. 

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