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Writer Wednesdays: Jessica Hulett

Posted on the 22 June 2011 by Shawndrarussell
If you have never read the "Bedroom Blog" on Cosmopolitan.com, definitely check it out. I have been a faithful reader for years, and I check for a new post everyday (even though there are usually only 1-3 new posts a week). It used to be an anonymous blog under the main characters initial, K, and I think in the last year the real author, Jessica Hulett, started being listed. If you are writing for Cosmo, I'm sure being anonymous for a little while is completely worth it.
I enjoy reading this fictional blog for several reasons. The character of "K" is someone I want to be friends with because she screws up, overanalyzes everything, values fun and experience over stuff, and is just a very authentic late twenty/early thirtysomething. She also spills it all--insecurities, tough career and relationship issues, friendship insights...and she handles it all with a sense of humor and while being humble and just a little on the crazy side at times.
Besides the character/narrator, I have enjoyed how this blog tackles the theme of coming of age. Often when we hear that term, we think young adult fiction. However, there are really two major points of coming of age...the teen to adult, and then the young adult to much more together adult. K is in part two, and she has really hit her stride recently in both her career and personal life (which sadly makes me think that this blog won't be around much longer....but we'll see). She had a high-powered job with a bigger company and instead of staying, she took a leap of faith and moved to a start-up documentary production company. Inspring! The message is, if you don't love your job, you should get out ASAP because the stress of trying to save for retirement so you can quit said job will be your major focus. However, if you jump into a profession you love, you won't be desperately counting down to retirement because you could see yourself doing this job, even if in a lesser capacity, for a long, long time.
What started out as a dating blog about the ups and downs in life and between the sheets for K has slowly progressed into a more personal and well-rounded weekly reading treat for me. If you have never read it, start from the first blog and work your way to the most recent. It will definitely take you a few sittings but just think of it as reading a novel that does not yet have an ending (which just adds to the anticipation!).

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