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Writing 101, Day 14: Recreate a Single Day

Posted on the 19 November 2015 by Somkritya @somkritya

Writing 101, day 14: Recreate a single daySoma Mukherjee:

My Mom’s poem.

Writing 101, day 14: Recreate a single dayOriginally posted on Indira's Blog:

Writing 101, day 14: Recreate a single day.

Magic of Hug

Only once in my life time I did a mischievous act and got punished for it. Friends do it every time play prank on others and got away with it. 

I pulled the chair when my friend was going to sit, she fell down. Nothing happened to her but the chair’s arm fell down too. I was summoned to Mother Superior. She calmly fined me Rs. 13 without any scolding.

When I told my mother, She paid the fine but she scolded me terribly even after me saying sorry to her and my friend, and also that it was my first mischief. Wasn’t I her youngest and pet child? How could she do it to me? 

 I did not eat and went to sleep early. 

After some time I felt a warm drop on my cheek and a hand…

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