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Posted on the 21 May 2012 by Somkritya @somkritya
There is a treethat lives in my backyard,   Ya-aawnin her youth she was infamous for her loud snores and yawns,and as all other trees were takenthe arboreals who lived on that treehad no choice but to tolerate all thatbut one day she took it too farshe yawned like she had never before and she yawned and yawned and yawned till it looked like she was crying and Stretched her branches as far as she could to shake off her laziness Oh how could she, asked the cloudsand gossiped about it with the sunLeaves and fruits fell down in bunches oh! said the leaves,its not autumnOuch! said the fruits, that is so not fairOh you think you are the only ones hurt,Asked the monkey and a squirrel who had fallen on ground with a thudMonkey said my bum would be red whole day how would i explain this to my girlfriendSquirrel started laughing and Said your bum is always red Not funny said the monkey and pointed at squirrels bum which was red tootogether they gave the tree a cold hard stareThey asked the tree to apologize and behave.right then all of them heard a faint crackthey looked up at the nest on the treecrack became louder and out was a baby bird’s head   what was that, the baby squeakedOh that made Mama bird so madLook what you did, she asked the treeMy baby is one day too earlyand her first words are not Mom I am hungry!To calm her down the squirrel saidOh but what a cute little baby you haveThat warmed up Mama birds heart and she smiled with pride and said Yes she is but I am not going to forgive the treeand while they got busy loving the babyand hating the tree A cat and a dog who were playing in the house came running To see and be the part of the fightMeow said the cat, she meant hey you guys have rightsYou should report this incident, call the policeWoofs said the dog, call animal protection and sue the treeMonkey said I will, first let me have some fruitsSquirrel said me too, after my stomach is fulland house well stocked Mama bird had a baby to feedand teach her new chirpsMeow and woof looked a little disappointed and they called the tree boarders lazy and greedyA snake who saw all this from his hole,came out and hissed at both the cat and the dog for talking like humansSome worms even heard the hiss using harsh words like humanoholicNearby an owl was watching all thiswith sleepy eyesHe said hoo hoo hooWhich clearly meant oh my godand me oh I was carrying little bubbah on my shoulder that day and he said bub bub bub bub baaa and yawned which shocked everyonelook what happens when you ya-aawnand stretch your hands that widesuch a bad example was that treewho still lives in my backyard©Somkritya

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