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You Don’t Deserve to Be Called a Parent

Posted on the 25 January 2014 by Umkhaloodie

Some people make me sick. Truly sick.
Just last week a mother in Edinburgh called police to report her 3 year old ‘missing’, four days later they found his body and she was charged with murder. Innocent until proven guilty – ok, but let’s be realistic, the majority of the time these people are guilty.
Why do people have children if they aren’t willing to fulfil their moral obligation? A child isn’t just for Xmas or to entertain you while you are bored. A child is for life, they are people, humans… They have needs that have to be met.
We have chicken pox right now and I have a zillion things to do but none of it matters because my kids need me and it’s my moral obligation to take care of them. I’m not willy nilly heading off for an afternoon of shopping.
If you are going to be irresponsible, use a condom. It takes two to tango. Parenting takes two people. This particular woman from Edinburgh had five children to five different fathers- ok, don’t get me wrong, there are situations in life when things don’t always go like how you planned, perhaps you have a step child, perhaps your husband died, perhaps your first or even second marriage didn’t work out but for goodness sake be responsible. And, this isn’t a rant about single others, read between the lines. I know some single mothers and they are the best mothers I know, I’m not saying you need two people to have kids, I’m saying, you need to be responsible. Kids aren’t cheap. And yes, you can have as many kids as you like but have a think about it- do you want your kids to have the best in life? Can you give 10 kids the best? Can you even give 5 kids the best?
My little munchkins are spoilt rotten but why shouldn’t they be? Each have an iPad, undivided attention and yes, anything they ask for we buy them. Materials don’t make them happy in the long term but at a young age they do. Alooia might already have 4 pairs of winter boots and asked for another and yes, I bought her them and she was happy, and it’s such a lovely feeling seeing that little smile
Light up a room. Can you do that with 5 kids?
Is it any wonder this woman was on the verge of a breakdown? There is no wonder. 5 kids, only one parent in the household, basically no salary and a cold, wet, damp house probably as we all know how expensive oil is in the UK… I dread to think what food the kids were eating- she probably had the mentality that eating healthy is expensive.
I have seen the mothers from the estate back home in the shops- I know what they buy… Ready meals and sugary cereal… Beans on toast is a favourite in most houses.
Being a parent is hard work, if you aren’t ready to put in that hard work, don’t bother yourself. Sorry, this is a complete rant but it just makes me so angry.
They don’t send their kids to school because they can’t be bothered to get up in the morning… This is your child’s education, their future. Don’t make it a vicious circle, want the best for child and make it happen.

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