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You There! Get on with It!

Posted on the 11 April 2013 by Cfohe @FoHe
First, I wanted to give a shout out of thanks to my Facebook and Twitter readers. I posted my first link on Facebook yesterday and got 70 hits in a matter of hours which is triple my usually daily reads. I'm hoping now that it's out there people will keep tuning in for more, and the numbers will keep climbing. You are awesome, all of my readers no matter where you found me!
So here's the real deal though, there's good news, for me at least, my writers block has officially passed on. Another, semi-dream/semi-reality sequence of the story inspired another few pages of text this morning that I am eager to continue on when I get a moment. Again, another perfect example of starting with one idea and as you begin to write it down, the creative process turning it into something else entirely. What had started with the idea of  another appearance on the same cliff that's made itself known twice already in my story quickly transformed into a case of mistaken identity (at least as far as the cliffs are concerned) and an astral projection thousands of miles away from home.

You there! Get on with it!

Acadia National Park Cliffs

You there! Get on with it!

Cliffs of Moher

Intrigued? I certainly am. I love when there is this loss of control in my writing. Sometimes the result is completely ridiculous and I have to do a rewrite but most times it's this incredible flow of ideas that I hadn't even entertained before. That is the beautiful power of the brain, it's yours and somehow can do things you don't even realize it's doing, or even capable of. The complexity of the human brain and psyche will never cease to amaze me and I can only hope that it continues to inspire the ideas that it has been so far.
The issue, that comes along with the brilliant ideas is the need for more research. I don't mind it I love to learn, especially when the topic interests me. Four years of University later, psychology, Biology, human nature, world religions, physical and theoretical theatre, film, mythology, apocalyptic literature (which I will admit was a mistakenly taken class but proved to be thought provoking). I find it's all sneaking its way into my writing, things I've thought I'd simply forgotten about or hadn't even thought I learned push their way through and make themselves useful.
I will stand by this statement and say that I have yet to use any Calculus in my journey, in work, life or writing. Go figure. I was never a great tester, especially in Psychology. I could understand and explain a concept but getting tested on it never seemed to translate my real knowledge (which is somewhat ironic considering my love of writing) This is why I stick to fiction, writing make believe seems to serve me better.
Let's hope that this writing muse continues and I don't have another drought anytime soon because I'd really love to have a well rounded story by the time summer rolls around, a solid beginning, middle and end, to print off and be able to go through by hand to really edit and take a good hands on look at. There's just something different about having the words on the desk in your hands rather than just glancing at them on the computer screen. That way I can have help looking through it, editing it, preparing it for publishing I hope.
So, on goes the journey. I'll likely be back tomorrow ranting about how I can't get a word down on the page edgewise, lets hope not.

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