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Your Comments Are of the Upmost Importance

Posted on the 16 June 2012 by Umkhaloodie

I’ve been a blogger for many, many years. Through the years, my blogs have always consisted of similar things. Obviously before marriage my blogs consisted of heartache, singleton life and the ins and outs of my late teens, uni, school, family etc. And now, my blog is about motherhood and marriage and how not being a singleton works amongst other things.

The blogs re: boyfriends, single life and heartache definitely get lots more views and lots more comments because the sad thing is, our world revolves around heartache and hurt. Every single one of us will at some point in time go through a breakup, no matter what are age, sex and/or religion- and unfortunately, that’s life, that’s how life works. We learn from our mistakes.

‘When someone comes into your life, Allah sent them for a reason. Either to learn from them or be with them until the end’.

Your comments are important, no matter whether positive or negative. And remember ALWAYS leave your name or a contact email address so that if need be, I can reply via email.

I know I’ve had a few comments that I haven’t posted, because YES, they were personal and they were NASTY. Just remember one thing, I have not done anything to you, nor have I in any way ruined your life, you did that yourself with your stupidity.

As for my loyal readers, keep commenting, I enjoy your comments and I love replying.

One thing I do hate is that SO many bloggers in Kuwait don’t respond to their readers comments and what’s the point really. I really do try to take the time to EVERY single comment. I can honestly count on one hand the number of bloggers that respond to comments in Kuwait, it isn’t very many.

Change that. Start replying to your readers, afterall, it’s no fun having a conversation with yourself :) It not only makes you look absolutely insane but it makes you very pathetic.

And one other thing – SO many of you are using CAPTCHA – Turn it off for goodness sake, it’s so difficult to read on cellphones, it just makes me NOT comment :)

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