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Your Right to Know: More Racy Photos of Obama’s Mother

Posted on the 13 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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Law professor and community organizer Jamil Jivani grew up in a tough neighbourhood in the Toronto area. After the Paris terror attacks, he travelled to Molenbeek, the Brussels neighbourhood where many of the attackers grew up, to investigate the roots of anger, alienation and radicalization and look for parallels between young men who join gangs and young men who join ISIS.

Security Council Settlements Resolution: Shameful Betrayal

I don 8767 t see how this is helpful in our fight to rid ourselves of this disaster named Barak. There will be those who will have sympathy for a child who was subjected to a mother 8767 s proclivities and will cast their votes accordingly. Children are not responsible for their parents 8767 behavior but can be the victim of it.

Michelle Obama's Best Looks - Michelle Obama Style

Look at the photos. Obama is the child of Frank Marshall Davis. The evidence is plain as day. And that means instead of being the child of an alcoholic womanizer, he is the child of a Communist pedophile.

8Years in Obama's America - NYMag

FLOTUS wears a floral blouse and matching cardigan, high-waisted black trousers and pointed toe flats (not pictured) while visiting patients, families, and staff at The Children's National Health System in Washington, .

I want all of our daughters and sons to see that this too is their inheritance. I want them to know that it x7569 s never been just about the Benjamins it x7569 s about the Tubmans too. And I want them to help do their part to ensure that America is a place where every single child can make of her life what she will.

But thanks for regurgitating the mainstream media message which always makes the same claim. It 8767 s somehow never productive to reveal the truth when it 8767 s aimed at a Liberal Nice try.

What is troubling in too many books and articles by feminist journalists in the . is, despite their putative leftism, an implicit privileging of bourgeois values and culture. The particular focused, clerical and managerial skills of the upper-middle-class elite are presented as the highest desideratum, the ultimate evolutionary point of humanity. Yes, there has been a gradual transition from an industrial to a service-sector economy in which women, who generally prefer a safe, clean, quiet work environment thrive.

I don 8767 t buy into this meme that truth should ever be off the table . I 8767 m perfectly capable of multitasking and piling it on for everything that should be exposed by this candidate. Truth is truth so why should it be off the table? That argument never computes for me

Romney isn 8767 t going
to fix anything and he sure won 8767 t get the economy moving like the Republicans pretend he will. Won 8767 t happen.

[Unfortunately, no one bothered to check the record while Obama was basing his persona and his candidacy on the myth of this multicultural romance. This includes Maraniss himself. In a botched 65,555-word Washington Post article published on the eve of the 7558 election, he chose to overlook the fact that Obama created a false narrative for the first two years of his life and then ran for president on that narrative.

Your Right to Know: More Racy Photos of Obama’s Mother

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