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10 Great Holiday Gifts for the Music Lover, #1242

Posted on the 08 November 2015 by Juliezaz1 @juliezaz1


Holiday panic is starting to set in, as I’m realizing that Hanukkah is only a month away.  I haven’t bought a single gift, and as the catalogs are starting to fill my mailbox, I find myself flipping through the pages in search for the perfect presents.

This is a music blog, however, so I’ve decided to help you all out – one stop shopping right here just for the music lover!  Below is a list of great items I have found on  Rather than show the best gifts from site to site, I’m a big believer in making it easy.  I’m a huge fan of Etsy (Yay for supporting small Mom and Pops!!!), but for the purposes of this blog post, this is music shopping made simple.  So, here you go… for the music lover!  (Note – Click on the link to view the item.  It will bring you to a thumbnail Amazon photo.  Click on that picture to be directed to for purchase and more information)

(1)  The Original Guitar Pick Punch – My brother bought me one of these a few years ago, and oh gosh – I love it.  I haven’t bought a guitar pick in years.  Instead, I recycle used up gift cards and expired credit cards and voila – picks galore!  Some people have candy bowls in their house, but in my house, i have bowls of picks to choose from.

(2) Unisex Guitar Pick Necklace – I love this versatile necklace with one of my very favorite quotes about music.  Hans Christian Andersen’s quote, “When words fail, music speaks” really touches my soul, and I’m certain most music lovers would feel the same.


(3) The Peak Music Stand – The Peak music stand is the most well-made travel stand on the market, and it comes with an excellent easy-to-carry shoulder bag.  I highly recommend this for any band musician who gigs around.  Such a worth-while purchase.


(4) The JBL Clip Portable Blue Tooth Speaker – Any musician would love a blue tooth speaker especially if they teach music classes.  These handy portable speakers enable you to easily play music from your phone or iPad and amplify your music selections to the rest of the listeners in a room. Blue tooth speakers are made by many different brands and come in many different price ranges.  JBL seems to be one of the leaders in blue tooth speakers though, and I like small and portable speakers that are easy to carry with you from classroom to classroom


(5) Music Notes Magnetic Sculpture Block – I love this desk-top magnetic sculpture.  How many times have you seen these on desks in offices all across America?  Well, here’s a music-themed magnetic version of this old classic!


(6) Compose Yourself Music Card Game – I must admit, i have never played this game.  I have only heard about it.  It looks like so much fun though.  Music experience is not necessary, but somehow, this game enables you to compose music and go online to hear your composition accompanied by an orchestra.  The description says it’s for ages 6 – adults, so it should be fun for the whole musical family.  Check it out!


(7) Vintage Record Coasters – How cute are these?  Music lovers’ parties are often musical, too – great tunes creating a mood.  So why not serve cocktails on adorable musical coasters?


(8) Record Album Frames – I don’t know about all of you, but I have not been able to part with any of my beloved vinyl record albums that I collected so many years ago.  They are a reflection of my childhood and my greatest musical influences.  That said, they are sitting in a box and are gathering dust and have not been played in a gazillion years.  These frames are a great way to honor them and give them new life.


(9) Guitar Pick Holder Key Chain  – If you are a guitar player, guaranteed, you are constantly losing guitar picks.  I keep them in my guitar case, candy bowls around my house and in my wallet, but nevertheless, there are times when I am scrambling to find one.  Most guitar pick holders are plastic cases with adhesive on the back to stick onto your guitar.  I have never purchased one, because the idea of putting that adhesive on my beautiful Taylor is not something I can even imagine.  This guitar pick key chain is an excellent alternative.


(10) An Amazon Gift Card – If all else fails, you can always give the music lover a gift card to Amazon, which has an endless variety of great musical gifts by all different vendors and of various price categories.  You can never go wrong with a gift card.  Here’s a cute one in festive snowflake tin.


So, happy musical holiday shopping y’all!  To put you in the mood, here’s Peggy Lee singing “Big Spender” – a classic shopping song. Enjoy some online spending and Happy holidays!

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