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100th Blog Post: Q&A; About Me~

Posted on the 07 June 2012 by Dorzidor @dorzidor

100th blog post: Q&A; about me~
Cherry Lane: Most amazing/unforgettable holiday experience?
The most unforgettable holiday experience is when I was 7 and I was stuck in the middle of the double doors of the automatic doors at the airport. No one in my family realised that I was lost and they went to the departure gates. I cried for so long before they realised that I've gone missing and tried to find me again.
Jan miguel: have you ever tried beauty products with minerals from the Dead Sea?
I have tested the Primers Dead Sea Salts. Does that count? But I am not a fan of the Dead sea stuff. Normally when I buy clay masks, they say that it's from dead sea. But I am not definitely sure :P
Whatrebeccasaid: What does Makeup means to you?
Makeup is a leisure to me. I will put makeup on when I am going to formal meeting for 
respecting the occasions. I am more a natural person who doesn't like putting a vast amount of
makeup on because sometimes I feel I am lazy.
Jessicawhy did you start blogging?
Jessica, I had a travel blog in Chinese before this. I started blogging because I want to share my travel experience with all the people, as in Hong Kong, where I was originated in, there are very few bloggers who actually blog about places outside the Asia. I hopped to create a broader horizon to the subscribers.
I started doing this English one about half a year ago because I want to share the beauty tips from Asia and introduce some Asian products as well as products that I enjoy/have problem with to the whole world as well as traveling tips, which I enjoy.
100th blog post: Q&A; about me~

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