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17 Weeks

Posted on the 07 August 2013 by Bvulcanius @BVulcanius

17 week bumpToday I’m 17 weeks pregnant. We’re nearing that half-way point and preparation-wise it’s certainly feeling that way, too.

At this point, the baby is about 17 cm long (or if you’re from the US, 6.7 in), and weighs approximately 150 gr (or 5.3 oz).

Last Saturday, we were at a party and my husband told a couple of his friends that we are expecting a baby, and it was pretty cool to see their reactions to the news.

On Monday we had an appointment at the midwife’s, which I was looking forward to and dreading terribly at the same time. The thing is that I haven’t gained any weight since the beginning of my pregnancy and it was starting to worry me. Combined with the fact that it was quite a long time ago since we were able to listen to the heart beat at the midwife’s, see the baby on an ultrasound, and me not having any symptoms besides a slightly bigger belly it was all starting to get to me and making me nervous. I shared this with the midwife and she was trying to ease my worries a bit by saying that I was probably eating healthier than I was before the pregnancy (which is true – I consume less sugar). Then she was giving us some information on the screening ultrasound that is going to be done at about 20 weeks (actually 19 weeks and 2 days in my case). But while she was talking about this, I was thinking just let me hear her heart beat already! She gauged the size of my uterus, which had fortunately grown exactly like it’s supposed to and after that – finally – she took the Doppler to listen to the baby’s heart. And there it was… I was so relieved I felt like crying (but didn’t).

Tuesday we took my parents-in-law’s car to take a look at the wide variety of strollers on offer. We tested quite a few of them and eventually ended up with one we really like, but we’re waiting a bit before buying it. Late at night we went online and shopped for an enormous amount of baby stuff we’ll need but probably won’t get since people don’t really like to buy that stuff for you. It’s all going to be delivered tomorrow and I can’t wait to check it all out!

My mother-in-law is crocheting toys for the baby, and on Tuesday we got the bunny you can see in the picture. I actually got to pick the colours she worked with. She made another one which is entirely pink (and also really cute), but my husband is still getting used to the fact that it’s going to be a girl who might like pink…

bunny crochet

Today we drove to IKEA to get ourselves a mattress for the crib and to gather some ideas for our new home and the future nursery at the same time.

After the past two days and the busy weekend, I must say I’m sooooo tired! Next weekend my husband and I will enjoy a little getaway (also known as our ‘babymoon’ – just enjoying each other’s company before the baby is here).


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