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20 Weeks

Posted on the 28 August 2013 by Bvulcanius @BVulcanius

20 week bump20 weeks pregnant and back to work again. I have to say, It’ll probably take some getting used to. Right after I get home in the afternoon, I just have to take a nap or I’ll get a splitting head ache.

I’m still steadily gaining some weight and that’s encouraging and probably good, too, since the baby should be going through a small growth spurt just about now.

Another thing work-related is that for the last couple of weeks of my holiday, I was used to feeling the baby move during the day when I was sitting down. but while working I’m either not able to feel anything if she’s moving, or she’s just not moving at all. Either way, it kind of makes me nervous. So, when I get back, right before I take my nap I sit down for a couple of minutes and wait to feel her move (which she does, luckily).

My belly seems to be growing, but not so much outwards as upwards. The size of my belly, when measured with a tape measure, doesn’t seem to increase. However, I have noticed a slight change in shape.

Coming Monday will involve another visit to the midwife to talk about the 20-week scan. I also made an appointment for a scan at 28 weeks and then we’ll do the whole shebang (2D/3D pictures and a 4D DVD). I’m really looking forward to that.

A lot of my colleagues now know that I’m expecting, but I didn’t tell my students yet. For some reason I find it hard to find a good moment to do that. They haven’t asked me anything either, although I saw some of them staring at my belly probably thinking “wow, she really let herself go during the summer.”


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