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3 Steps To Recovery Book Comments

Posted on the 08 March 2012 by 3stepstorecovery @3StepsToRecvry
3 Steps To Recovery was written with one purpose in mind - to bring AA's most important message to those people that you will not find in AA meetings, for one reason or another. While the book has received twelve 5 Star Reader Reviews on Amazon, thus far, some people send their reviews to me directly. Others send their comments indirectly, while incarcerated or while residing in a sober home, and have asked family members to pass them along. The following comments come from those currently serving prison sentences or those that have received the book as a "friend of a friend", while struggling alone with addiction. It's truly humbling and touching to know that the book is helping others.
From the son of a close friend living halfway around the world -

“Dan...I have just spent the last 4 hours crying, laughingand totally engrossed in your amazing book. Why I didn’t read it long ago, Iwill never know. Every word had me captivated to the end.I am 7 days sober as I write this and have not felt as clearheaded or more willing and ready to embrace the 3 steps than I am right now. Iwant to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words and inspiration,as I am going to read it again very soon.”
A mom forwarded this one on behalf of her son, who is serving a jail sentence -
  “Hi! Just saw the son and he says you are one smart cookie!(My term, not his). He is in agreement with your writing and said the book isreally well done. He is being transferred to the next leg of his journey andauthorized me to pick up his meager belongings tonight as I left - says to tellyou hi and that he is very grateful, in agreement with so much of what youwrite. I look forward to reading your book, which I brought home with me.”
Through a Facebook friend, who passed the book along to a close friend that has been struggling with alcoholism for many years - 
 “My friend has read your book he really liked it and he hasstarted using the 3 Step method. He did mention that he never liked going to AAmeetings because it was always the same people bragging about their drunks orhighs.He has seven days sober.YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!”
A woman living in Europe that had been addicted to drugs for 26 years - 

"The last time I cried overa book, a mother had lost her children, and now I’m crying over this one. Notbecause I feel sorry for anyone, but because of the love that speaks to me andputs things in perspective. I knew the answer all along and, then again, Ididn’t. I know now that it is all up to me – that there is no one else to blameand yesterday I started meditating with a grateful heart. I feel connected to a higher power that is there for me.I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your book. Itarrived three days ago – on the day that I most needed it. I will get back toyou when I am not so overwhelmed and, perhaps, can give some better feedback.Right now I am just so filled with love and truth. Thank you, Dan. All my loveto you and your family.”  
From a recovering addict who runs one of the largest recovery groups on Facebook -
 “Well, I have read the 3 Steps To Recovery book...I was veryskeptical before reading it, but I believe my friend has nailed it down, forlack of a better term.   The 3Steps Dan wrote about has simplified AA’s clear cut directions it takes so manyof us years to find...and AA DOES STATE THEY DO NOT CORNER THE MARKET OFRECOVERY...WELL, THEY JUST MAY HAVE SOME REAL COMPETITION FROM THE NEW KID ONTHE BLOCK...CONGRATULATIONS, DAN!”
I believe in the 3 Steps approach with all my heart and soul. When I sat down to write 3 Steps To Recovery, my gut feeling was that the book could, and would, help to save lives, just as the 3 Steps had done for me. Knowing it's doing just that touches me in ways that cannot be put into words. Thank you, everyone, for the kind comments, positive feedback and wonderful support you've shared with me and others.
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