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30 Piece of Silver

Posted on the 20 June 2019 by Brinda @BrindaKrish
It doesn't take a lot to loose everything you got
All that you covet for, and that, that you lust after Will take you but a little far
I warned and I watched, I pleaded and I fought

30 piece of silver

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but with the blink of an eye, another life was lost The peace, the joy and the love in your heart All sold; And 30 piece of silver was all it cost
Your riches, your status; your strength and pride,  Yes. The one that crowned you and clothed you The wisdom that like a jewel, adorned you Now sold, to the enemy on the crossroad;
to possess your soul, to divide and devour And a satchel lying wayside with 30 piece of silver inside
It was your shelter, your refuge Your comfort, your provision for all that you'd need Treasures beyond imagination, success beyond your reach Were they not all for you to take? Like an ox going to the slaughter house you went For 30 piece of silver, now stuck to your soul, sucking your life like a leech
But I am merciful, slow to anger; I made you and I love you I'll cleanse you, I'll wipe away your guilt a new heart to you I'll give

30 piece of silver

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Be afraid not of my staff or yoke, for I am gentle and I know you My fire won't consume you, but purify you I'll give you rest, when you go down into the valley  30 piece of silver, make it not a necklace around your neck 
Oh little one, come, cry and plead My heart melts, when I see you, like a wax
My arms are open, I wait to secure you in my embrace I'll take the crimson red away from you and turn it into wool I'll clothe you with righteousness and guide you with my eyes I'll bathe you in brightness and a friend to you I will give 30 piece of silver is not what your worth
Inspired by Judas betrayal of Jesus

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