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8 Weeks to Go

Posted on the 20 February 2013 by Missliabilities
What residents have to go through amazes me. When I've been at work 13 hours I am sitting, able to step away whenever I want a breather, and though there is mild stress- if I don't get the return done today a human life isn't on the line. And I'm still dead on my feet barely capable of thought. At least I can always see the end in sight and it's less than 8 weeks from now.
Have I mentioned I love what I do? Taxes may not seem fascinating but they have their moments. A few days ago I prepared an estate return for a man that had died. It was a little morbid and depressing as I went through the pages showing the sale of his life's hard work. Lo and behold they even sold his damn gold dental teeth! There were pictures of them in the inventory pages. At first I felt sick to my stomach looking at them, but I guess if he was cremated they'd probably have to take them out.
The trust my clients place in me is overwhelming at times. The CPA can be a bit deceiving that I actually have years of experience- I don't. One of my clients told my boss I'm the most professional and intelligent accountant he's met. I was at his office Googling how to use Quickbooks pretending I was competent HAHA. Today a client called and left his social security number on my voicemail. I have no desire to steal money or mess with my clients' lives, but you can see where greed could drive a weaker man to steal.
I hope M loves what he does too. I'm sure working with patients will be a pain in the ass sometimes too but maybe he'll see the golden dental lining in the daily work. ;)

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