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Posted on the 29 July 2013 by Missliabilities
I’ve been sending out a weekly email to my mom, stepmom, Mori’s mom, and my maid of honor on what I’ve gotten done on the wedding front. When I settled on my date, I was down to 11 months of planning. So far we’ve booked the venue and the photographer and I bought my wedding dress on Saturday. We’re taking our engagement photos this weekend and going to drink some wine while registering for some fun stuff this week. If it seems like I’m moving really fast on wedding planning – you’re right, I am. In a perfect world I would have 11 months to plan, but realistically I have about 6 months. No one except for me seems to take into account the tax seasons from August 15 till October 15 and from January 1 to April 15.  Since I’ll be taking graduate classes while also working 55+ hours, my Saturdays and Sundays are going to be pretty booked.Again, in a perfect world I would have time to have my mom (in Texas), my stepmom (in North Carolina) and my future mother in law (6 hours away) – OH and three busy bridesmaids – come here and watch me try on dresses. Instead I bought my dress with a supportive ex-coworker and my stepmom on the phone. It is really hard not to have any of the moms here to help me with little things. I so badly want their approval, but they are very different from each other AND from me that nothing would satisfy everyone.So yes, I'm getting my dress before the suggested Knot timeframe. I picked my venue and photographer without looking at any others (!!!!). And I probably hurt my bridesmaids feelings without waiting for any of them to watch me try on a dress. But screw it! You can't please everybody, and when save the dates go out (and don't go out) to a selected few, there will be many more passive aggressive texts from the excluded.
Also, that $5,000 for all of these deposits came out of MY bank account this weekend. Once I start seeing some cash flowing from all these other people, maybe I'll take their opinion into consideration. For now: ME & MORI = ULTIMATE DECISION MAKERS.
My God does it feel good to figure this out early on in the planning process.
(And nope, not sharing any photos of THE dress. You'll see it in 11 months when my fiance sees it)

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