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A Day In The Life Of A Commuter...

Posted on the 28 November 2012 by Laurat24
Hi Guys!
A Day In The Life Of A Commuter...Bit of a random post and please excuse my ranting, but after an especially horrific tube journey this morning I need to let my feelings out somewhere haha. I spent the morning sardined into an uncomfortably tight space on a central line carriage and not to mention got stuck in the tunnel for half an hour, and the lights decided to go out during this time which was very unsettling!
Im sure you have all experienced bad tube/train journeys in London, or anywhere really, so I hope you can sympathise!
My main reasons why hating on TFL have become part of my daily routine.
  • The carriages have space to fit about 20 people, but 50 over-eager tossers decide to squeeze on, even when another train is 1 minute behind, causing me to spend the next 40 minutes with my face squashed up against the glass.  
  • The smell...do some people not shower or brush their teeth in the mornings or something??
  • The 100 degree heat! They really need to invest in some air con.
  • The arsehole behind you that tries to read his paper while balancing it on your head.
  • The awkward eye contact made with fellow commuters.
  • The woman on her phone talking, or should I say shouting, at the top of her voice about what she's having for dinner. (I don't care love, and neither does the rest of the carriage!)
  • The delays, I mean, don't we pay enough to travel on the bloody things? they could at least be on time!!
Have any of you had any awful travel journeys? Would love to hear them!
   Laura xoxo

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