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TAG|| Harry Potter!

Posted on the 10 April 2014 by Laurat24
Hi Lovelies! I saw this tag on Shona's blog, over at Shona Louise , and HAD to do it! I am one of the biggest Harry Potter nerds going. I've been captivated by them since I was a child. They were a massive part of my childhood and I'm still a big fan now and so I'm actually really excited to do this tag! First experiences of Harry Potter: I was in my final year of primary school. We had reading time on Friday afternoons and Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone was one of the books chosen.This was before it was well known. I remember being hooked straight away and couldn't wait for friday afternoons to hear the next chapter.  Which film have you watched the most? Goblet of Fire. It was so brilliantly made and I think it kept very true to the book. It was my favorite book in the series as well, next to the final one of course.  Favourite moment out of all the films? Ahhhhh this is such a tough one there are so many! I couldn't possibly name just one so a few are: When Hagrid gives Dudley a pig's tail. When they take Polyjuice potion for the first time. When Hermione punches Draco Malfoy in the face. When Umbridge gets her comeuppance in the Forbidden Forest. When they sneak into the Ministry of Magic. And of course, the epic battle between Harry and Voldemort in the final film.  If you could be any of the Harry Potter characters, who would you be, and why? I'd probably want to be Ginny. I found her super annoying in the films but she gets to kiss Daniel Radcliffe so it wouldn't be so bad haha! If you could learn one thing at Hogwarts what would it be? Definitely charms! Or Transfiguration would be awesome too. Favourite teacher at Hogwarts? McGonagall! She was a great character, tough as old boots and Maggie Smith was cast perfectly for it. Hope you've enjoyed reading this and I tag any of you Harry Potter fans out there to do it!  TAG|| Harry Potter!

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