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A Dream Job

Posted on the 20 March 2013 by Missliabilities
I've decided to keep a running list of the things I want in a job so that when the time comes to start looking for one I can look back on this list and evaluate my prospects:
1) Within walking or public transportation distance of my house
2) A paperless, high tech environment
3) People are friendly, yet professional. They are helpful and willing to answer questions
4) A 40 hour work week throughout the year (busy times should be scarce and less than 55 hours)
5) A bright airy building with a bit of color
6) 3-4 weeks vacation a year
7) There are some company activities planned throughout the year but constant attendance at events with your coworkers is not required
8) Coworkers who are nerdy like me and don't jabber on about sports
9) A place that is flexible with working from home or has flexible work schedules
10) Casual Fridays
11) An encouraged healthy environment
Wow, looking at this list I feel like I should be working at a Fortune 500 company in a big city.
Anything you can think of that'd be smart to add?

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