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A Lesson to Be Learnt

Posted on the 31 July 2014 by Gracem16 @TSITR_Gracie
Hey guys,
Today I want to talk about something I find is essential not only today, but in life. This thing is Passion, a passion to do what you want , to thrive off of what you love, and most importantly enjoy opportunity. I was thinking earlier and feel it is best summed up with this quote:
"Have a ZEST for LIFE and LIFE will have a ZEST for you." 
Most of us are always inspired to do better, which is fantastic, but what can you do in your lives right here right now that excels that. That drives your passion forward into a newer and bigger sphere of things. 
It's easy to loose our passions right? To find things that become more frivolous, more temporary, an instability that craves our needs for materialistic haste. I am perhaps the guiltiest party of this. We have adapted such a culture of - want it. Get it. From contactless payments to fast passes in ques. Most of us are guilty of this, myself included. I am trying to change and adapt my habits by spending less money and being more careful. That new pair of shoes can wait. They may look beautiful and the most unique thing but who is to say that there won't be another pair in a few weeks.
There is both a passion for the right things, and sometimes the wrong things. Hon your passions into good things that are worthy. I saw this amazing pair of sunnies for a steal at £5 but instead had a great lunch with a friend. Think. 
I am only a voice among a sea of voices but we all could learn a lesson from our passions. Are they good, or are they only the devil on your shoulder. 
Consider the passions in your life and focus on the ones that are worthy. 

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