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A Little Love Note

Posted on the 14 February 2013 by Simplystephanieblog @StephanieKonar

Dear Babe (a.k.a. Brian…for those of you thinking our relationship just got a little weird)-Valentine's Day

I decided against getting a Valentine’s Day card this year. Honestly, they are all so cliché and boring. If they are not cliché and boring, they are Angelina Jolie “I love you so much I would wear a vile of your blood around my neck” frightening. Then there are the “you’re my soul mate I want to have twenty of your babies” cards- so needless to say I passed on the card idea.

Then I thought it would be really cute to make a slideshow of all of my favorite pictures of us and add some cute music- Mindy Gledhill’s “Pennies,” to be exact. But then I remembered that you make my slideshows for me, and I don’t know how to do that. It probably wouldn’t have the same meaning if you had to make it- so scratch that idea.

So I decided to spend six a few hours making this totally adorable collage of some of my favorite pictures. Moments captured when we were completely happy and acting like our goofy albeit fun-loving selves. Oh, and I wrote a poem:

Valentine's Day

The roses you got me are red
Your eyes are blue
Minnie loves you lots
And I love you too

Now aren’t you glad I didn’t get you some silly cliché card? Ain’t nobody got time for that-Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Happy Valentine’s Day to all SSBlog readers out there as well!



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