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A Little Nip Tuck for Swimsuit Season

Posted on the 30 March 2011 by Saratpierce
No worries folks, I'm not going under the knife. 
I can't say the same for one of my bathing suits though...
It's that time of year again. That time when women start claiming they are going to spend every day in the gym and turn into total health freaks. The time when trips to clothing stores are prepped by choosing the best pair of underoos that can be hidden beneath bikini bottoms in the ladies dressing room. Yes, we're zoning in on BATHING SUIT SEASON. 

A little nip tuck for swimsuit season

" And you thought no one would notice our thongs"

While my body isn't quite ready for the bikini bop, my collection of suits are ready to rock and roll!
About a month ago my friend Brooke told me she had been given two huge boxes of old clothes from a friend of hers who had, let's just say, made a few adjustments to her bod making it so she could no longer wear them.  They were mostly workout tops and bikinis and after snagging the things that fit her , she still had PLENTY left over. Brooke was kind enough to offer the items that remained for me to try. 
While most of the workout tops cut me off above the belly button, the majority of the bathing suits fit perfectly! There were a few that were slightly too 80's-tastic for my liking, and a HOOT to try on, but for the most part they were the perfect fit! I walked away with one tank top, a pair of workout pants {which I'm soon turning into capris or shorts due to the fact that I'm about 5 inches taller then their previous owner} and 6 1/2 new bikinis. 
A little nip tuck for swimsuit seasonI already had a fairly large collection that I've accumulated over the years but adding 6 1/2 more to the pot makes me think I may not duplicate suits the entire summer! If only I had enough vacation time to test that theory... sad face. 
Well you see the 6 there... now for the 1/2.
There was an adorable Calvin Klein top in black and purple that was a little too "open" in the front. Basically 'the girls' were peeking around the cups to say hello and those shenanigans just don't fly with me. It was too cute not to take so I decided to bust out a few alterations to ensure that I don't bust out on the beach.  And it went a little something like this...
A little nip tuck for swimsuit season BIG time case of TMB. {Too Much Boobage} 
A little nip tuck for swimsuit seasonIt had clearly been altered before so I ripped the seams, got rid of the random "B" charm and snipped the access purple fabric.
A little nip tuck for swimsuit seasonI closed the seam to help shrink the dangerously WIDE gap that most definitely would have caused trouble. I didn't really worry about how the stitching looked, as long as it was secure, since my next step involved a little extra cover up. 
A little nip tuck for swimsuit seasonFinally I used a piece of the excess fabric that was cut from before and did a tight wrap around for a clean, finished look that I think even CK himself would crack a smile at.
Easy as pie... which I won't be eating due to the aforementioned beach bod prep, or lack there of!
Now I can wear the top without being concerned that the next wave or gust of wind that comes by will be the one that earns me blank stares and Mardi Gras beads. 
Until next time...
Have you ever scored some MAJOR LOOT from a friend or family member passing on their hand-me-downs? And I can't leave this post without asking my lady bloggers about any beach-side suit mishaps. We've all got em... time to share!

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