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A Very Foolish Friday.

Posted on the 11 November 2012 by Laurat24
This is a really random post but I thought I just HAD to share it as I can't believe how shockingly dim I can be sometimes!
So my Friday started off like any other, I got ready for work at the crack of dawn and set off to join the throng of commuters on the London Underground.
I had a perfectly normal day until about 3 in the afternoon. Sitting at my desk chatting away and I for some reason glance down at my feet, only to be absolutely mortified to see that I have two completely different shoes on!!! They were both black ballet pumps as I dont think even I could have been as stupid as to walk out of my house in different color shoes! But one shoe has a big crystal bow on the front and the other shoe has a buckle.
I can only guess, but I am not the tidiest of people, and am not so with it in the mornings, so I must of sleepily rummaged through all my shoes chucked in the corner and just picked two black ones, obviously not thinking, as I have ALOT of black shoes!
So I had been strutting around my workplace all day with different shoes on! I had been walking the streets with different shoes on! Like a complete mental case! I totally cringe even now when I think about it, (what must people have thought?!).
At the time we all found it completely hilarious and sat there in stitches for at least 10 minutes, until I realised I then had to go home being aware of the situation!
I managed to make a speedy journey home without too many funny looks, and I think its safe to say I will not be getting dressed in the dark again!
   Laura xoxo

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